too many failures message

Roon Core Machine

mac mini m1 (base model)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

no vpn, on wifi

Connected Audio Devices

led cinema display

Number of Tracks in Library

about 10.000 tracks.

Description of Issue

“too many failures” message still appears, even if i subscribed (monthly) to roon!!!

What does it mean, “still”? I can’t find an earlier post from you about this on the forum. How long has this been going on and when did it start?

In many/most cases this is a network problem. Can you temporarily try an ethernet cable instead of wifi, to rule out the wifi?

Please also tell us more about:

  • How is everything connected?
  • Does this happen with Qobuz/Tidal albums, local files, or both?

As Suedkiez suggested, connecting your Core via Ethernet often solves this issue.
If this is happening predominantly with streaming services you could also try changing your DNS to Cloudflare.

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Jeff, could you please help me out with understanding changes to the DNS server?
I have two listed on my DCHP page (Apple Air Extreme) do you change them both to the same one, or would it be advantageous to put one to cloudflair and the other to Google?


I seem to remember several threads stating the AirPort Extreme has issues with Roon.
Or maybe it was AirPort Express?
You might want to search for those.

I’m thinking that + wifi is your issue and that changing DNS isn’t going to solve this.
That said I had performance improvements with everything on my network after switching to Cloudflare.

I’m not familiar with that router so I can’t say for sure what settings to change.
I’m guessing you’re referring to primary and secondary DNS?
If so, set primary to
I don’t use a secondary DNS as it’s always worked fine with just a primary.
I think in theory you could set secondary to Google.
But being privacy paranoid, personally I’d just use Cloudflare.

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Just checked my router settings.
DHCP is a different page than DNS.
I set DNS on a tab called “Internet >Advanced”

We’re stepping past my comfort zone here but I’m wondering if you don’t want to be messing with DHCP.
Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will step in.

@Suedkiez @Traian_Boldea

Thanks Jeff, I’m muddying thru it……should have read your link earlier :wink:

The Apple router took it , now doing my computer as shown on the link instructions, if I go missing forever………:sunglasses::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:

Thanks for looking out for us!

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Happy to help.
I’ve called in the Calvary for more/better advice

Edit: Calvary lol.
Not the word I was looking for but those peeps are def Saints.

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I see no need to mess with DHCP. DNS and DHCP are completely different things. DHCP provides an IP address to devices on the local network and the assumption should usually be that it always works (unless proven otherwise, which is a very unlikely cause of issues)

DNS provides name resolution, in this case on the internet, so that typing gets resolved to a Google internet IP address. By default, most ISPs set up their own DNS server in the router settings, and their DNS can be slow and do crappy things, privacy violations among them. Cloudfare as DNS is super fast and reliable. As most of the things one does on the internet involves multiple name resolutions, fast DNS answers can make a real difference.

Most routers have DNS settings on their internet configuration page.


Agreed, I was going off on a tangent for a moment. Back on track so far so good and no one home is mad at me………yet :wink:


A little late to the party, 3 hellish days at job.

Also unfortunately I’far from comfortable with networks.

My AE died 1 on 1/2 years ago due to a power outage. But I’m happy it did. The ISP did gave me one of those cheap routers. I did not yet replaced it but still the cheap one works better than AE.

only thing I do is reserve 10 ips for some of my very fixed devices (but I’m not sure that is 100% an improvement)

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Yeah, but I hope also reserved addresses within DHCP (and not static addresses on the devices). So it’s still DHCP and there is no danger of address collisions. I do that as well - it really makes no difference in practice with a decent router that provides a local name server, so that devices can be addressed by name, but it satisfies my sense of order when I know my main devices by IP as well, and doesn’t hurt either. Some crappy routers don’t have a local name service and then addressing by DHCP-reserved addresses is helpful.

I meant making any less innocuous changes like turning off DHCP or something like that. Some people get themselves into all kinds of trouble by outdated advice on the interwebs


First reserved on router, then a big post not the device.

:pray: also for my sense of order, thanks for mentioning that has no difference if nameservers correctly provided.


I just left DCHP well alone. ARC is working fine after a couple restarts, added the Cloudflare app on my iPad as well. @Traian_Boldea my days of wrestling around with network issues ended in 2017 I retired and left windows xp pro and 10 in my wake. At one point I had to keep three different Microsoft os working to support administrative duties for clients and companies. Uggh!
My AirPort Extreme just keeps chugging along, works great in my small home but the TP-link Deco Mesh has been completely hands off since installation in the two story home quite impressed so far.

Thank you all again for your support!


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Checking in on this thread, are you still running into issues here? There are some great next steps already listed above if so.

I’ll be on standby of your reply. :+1:

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