Too many failures, stopping playback error with Tidal

Roon Version 1.8
iMAC running Roon core w/ latest Big Sur 11.6

Two messages pop up immediately when I try to play a Tidal song either from Roon playlists or from Tidal directly

“This track not currently available from Tidal”
“Too many failures, stopping playback error with Tidal”

I have followed all earlier discussions on Roon community (empty cache, reboot Roon, reboot MAC/core) to no avail…

Please help!!!


Please do not restart immediately, but pause for 5 minutes without power for all devices up to the router and then start again.

I just did power down all and waited 5min up to router. Still same issue. Running Roon on iMAC running core

All albums or just a specific one that I could test with. Sometimes Tidal removes albums because it no longer has playing rights.

Does it work without Roon in the browser or with the Tidal app?

I logged into Tidal app on web browser, changed password, reconnected Roon with Tidal and it worked! Apparently Roon was not recognizing my Tidal account any more and that was the source of the issue.


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