Too many failures stopping playback [Solved - Non-streaming Qobuz account linked in Roon]

Roon Core Machine zen mini

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Talk Talk router

Connected Audio Devices

USB connection to Mytek brooklyn + via zen mini

Library Size

7000 tracks

Description of Issue

Album which available on tidal masters will not play but I get a message saying ‘not available on Quboz’ and ‘too many failures’.

Tidal is “signed in”

Hello @Alex_Camm

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues with playing Tidal selections in Roon. We definitely want to get this cleared up for you.

Let’s start by making sure that there aren’t any issues with your Tidal account. Some Rooners have seen these messages appear due to having an expired payment method in Tidal. Please take a quick look at your Tidal account to make sure everything is good there.

If you don’t see any problems with your Tidal account please try a simple reboot of your Core and any Remotes you may be using.

If this doesn’t clear things up navigate to Settings>Services>Tidal>Edit. Logout of your account and then reconnect.

I was getting this same error message in Roon recently. Logging out of Tidal and reconnecting cured the issue for me. I hope you get the same results!

If you don’t let us know here and we’ll continue troubleshooting with you.

Thanks for the response.
It seems to have cleared itself ?!
I guess it may have been a glitch caused by the recent update.
All playing happily now thanks

Haven’t used it since I responded but have just switched on today to find the problem has returned

This problem did disappear temporarily but has returned with a vengeance
It has stopped me playing legitimate material from tidal by claiming I have a problem with quoboz this is nonsensical get it resolved

Hello @Alex_Camm,

My apologies for the delayed response. I’m very sorry to hear that your issue has returned. We have had a few isolated reports of issues with linked Qobuz accounts. We’ve determined that these are Qobuz server side issues.

We’re providing updates here:

Circling back to your mention of Tidal issues. Are you having problems with your linked Tidal account as well, Alex? Would you mind clarifying the issue you’re seeing with your Tidal content?

We appreciate your help as we work through this issue. I’m confident that we can get this cleared up.

The problem occurs when I try to play albums from Tidal not, Quboz which makes this all the more confusing.
I do not have a streaming account with quboz ?
I do have albums bought from them but the problem does not occur when I am playing them?
I did try the previous suggestions you made…

Hey @Alex_Camm,

Thank you for clarifying what’s happening on your end. This update was very helpful.

The issue here is that you have a non-streaming Qobuz account linked in Roon. When you search for music in Roon if will randomly pull your results from either Tidal or Qobuz. In your case the Qobuz titles won’t play because your linked account is non-streaming.

This will occur across a wide range of Roon’s features; Daily Mixes, Roon Radio, etc., and is normal behavior.

Please try disconnecting your linked non-streaming Qobuz account and see if the issue is resolved.

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