"Too many failures. Stopping playback." Unraid server. Win11 player

three weeks ago I got this message every time I tried to play music. Then everything worked for 2 weeks. Now I get this error message every time. My server is on Unraid. To playback I use Win 11 PC w Roon. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Roon player. But did not uninstall the unraid Roon server yet (because it is so difficult). Please help.


If you require help from the support team, please open a support request in the Support category of the forum which is monitored by Roon.

Please supply full details of your setup and issue, this will greatly aid the support process.

Note, the Support link is clickable and will take you to the correct place to create your request.

Thank you.

Not sure if it helps, but I would have similar track skipping or failure issues if my Unraid server is running near 100% CPU load. Sometimes when Plex is doing video analysis or something else CPU intensive happens I would have issues with Roon. I pinned CPU’s in the offending docker containers to make sure the Roon container always has CPU threads available.

@Robert_Blakely - come to think of it, I don’t believe that running a Roon Server on Unraid is a supported configuration, you may get some help if you posted your issue in the Tinkering section of the forum…

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What is the server unraid is on? I have unraid running with roon docker with no issues.

here is what i have.

I am the only user. CPU load is not an issue. Roon and Emby containers have worked for over a year. Just a recent issue w Roon.

Agreed that should be sufficient. SO in terms of music not playing is that your own files or streaming?

I used the Roon troubleshooter and it helped me narrow my problem down to Windows firewall. If I turn off firewall then Roon works. So I think I can make the firewall exceptions, so I think my problem is solved. I will do new thread if not.

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