Too many failures. Stopping playback

I’ve run into this a few times today with Iron Maiden albums (reliving my middle school days!). One album played the first two tracks, but then failed after trying to play the next five. I was able to play the last track.

The songs aren’t listed as “unavailable.” Any ideas?

I had that with Best of Earth Wind and Fire yesterday. First it started stuttering and the that same Too Many Failures Error message. I had to reboot my DAC to get rid of it.

Hey Bryan_T,

Did you find a fix for this? I had a similar issue reported by a retailer who was doing an install for a client. They couldn’t tracks to play using the client’s Tidal account with a similar error message to yours, but when the installer logged into their own Tidal account there were no playback issues whatsoever.

Nope. I assumed it was an issue with Tidal, which has given me intermittent problems recently.

When this happens to me what I have to do is restart the Roon Core/Server. I do it via the Euphony OS web remote, but previously I did it via the command line, not by restarting the machine. It happens about half the time after a hard reboot of the machine for me.