Too many unidentified Albumns

I have many unidentified albums and yet many are well know and sold by major retailers. I have tried the album search using a variety of information but still cannot get the albums identified.

When an album is not identified, it also means the collection search engine does not work well and will sometimes not pick the album up.

Why don’t you have a system whereby, users can input all relevant info and then post for you to check and then add to identified?

@mel_collard, can you post a few screenshots of example albums that you believe should be idenitifed by Roon and are not? I am also going to move this to the Metadata category for now.

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I know this is not the answer that you wanted to hear. I had the same problem with over 2,000 albums not identified. Many were in Bandcamp and even more could be found in Discogs, iTunes, or Spotify. The following tools really helped me enter the albums into MusicBrainz (where roon can make use of the information):

a‐tisket for iTunes, Spotify, and Deezer

and using a tool like TamperMonkey you can install scripts for importing album data from:

Discogs, and

I have already entered (please, no comments about compulsivity) roughly 1,200 albums. It takes 2-3 days for the entries to make it into Roon’s database. You can either do a manual re-identify or just wait until roon eventually does it in the background.

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Robert_F and meATroon

Thanks for the replies, input and suggestions. I am looking into the options and hope this can solve my problem.

This is the Vox screenshot.

I am posting 6 screenshots of albums I have uploaded to MusicBrainz to see if in a few days I can now identify them in my collection. The Vox Beethoven 5&^ has been uploaded because when I eventually tracked this down in Roon the track listing is wrong,. All albums that I could find (including mine) have the 41 second “Transition” at track 4 which Roon’s listing does not.