Top 10 Feature Requests

You missed one …

6 - Alphabet slider on the edge of the interface on the phone remote apps.

I so completely agree with you. For anyone who organises their collection by album and likes selecting what to play next by browsing through their albums this makes the iPhone app pretty much unusable for even my relatively small 700-ish album collection. Yes, one can search, but being forced to pull up a keyboard on a phone screen isn’t a great experience either.


I agree the iPhone app needs an alphabetical slider. This would make it much more usable as a control device.

  1. Roon Mobile
  2. Star ratings for tracks (not every song I like I absolutely love)
  3. More complete metadata with options to add my own album reviews or band/album information
  4. CPU temp and other server info in a tab somewhere in the interface
  5. Individual track star ratings (because sometimes I want to rate a song as one that I don’t like by giving it one star, not one heart)
  6. Star ratings for individual songs that can be used to sort them for playlists (you have star ratings for albums, so it can’t be against your “vision” for the software so why not add it and make a bunch of people happy?)

Could you please share how you did that?

I do this also. I have my Music Folder and it is shared in the DropBox app. So it is physically on my HDD but also in the cloud. Nothing fancy.

In DropBox preferences, go to the Last tab (SYNC), select selective sync and choose the folder. That’s it

See here:

If your Roon Core is not on the PC or Mac where your OneDrive is, then you’ll also need to set the Roon backups folder as a network shared folder so that Roon can access it as a network share.

  1. Roon Mobile Full - remote access to my library via phone app
  2. Roon Mobile Lite - playlist and underlying songs only stored on my mobile phone. It might be as “simple” as a checkbox in playlists that says store copy (or sync) on mobile app.

Mobile ( with carplay supoort)
better user interface
vertical scrolling
sacd iso capability
faster and more intelligent search
Artist / album artist distinction while browsing
better classical composition browsing experience

Sleep Timer and Alarm Clock
One Down!

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  1. Making the primary version of an album dependent on the capabilities of an audio zone. E.g. it would be great to have the DSD version to be the primary version for my USB headphone DAC but the 5.1 version for my main multichannel system.
  2. Have the favourite tracks (heart) selector and history tab also in the (Android) mobile app.
  3. More lyrics, and better tracking of different versions a song for better synchronization.
  4. Wave instead of flat line and dynamic range analysis for Tidal songs (so completely source independent).
  5. DSP volume adjustment combined with the device volume normalization (i.e. not as a convolution filter, not as two seperate signal path calculations).
  6. Direct control of Android audio devices (sound of USB Audio Player is better) or, if impossible, integration with USB Audio Player.
  7. Selection (focus) of Live Radio stations e.g. based on bitrate.
  8. Video clips through Chromecast.
  9. Mobile version (through dedicated and automatic (no user fuss) VPN).
  10. DSD albums as format focus results also when DSD is not the primary version (see also 1.).
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Very good, competitive requests. One point more:

  1. Advanced AI integration (Assistant/Alexa/Siri). Not only basics, but vocal interface for all things. Roon support now mic devices (Sonos, Apple, Google), you could do this w/out smart speakers too (handhelds), a lot of possibilities. Every PC have mic also. So use your voice to full control and menagement yours own collection, find new ones and more…
  1. An option to use a simple text library UI, without the huge thumbnails and wasted space. One line for each track. Album Artist - Album - Track. Whole library display with filters, etc.

I appreciate the image-heavy UI is great when used on a remote display, but when used on a Mac to control another player it’s just cumbersome. I’ve looked around for other apps with this UI and found a few but they’re lacking DSP features.

Please add this - I’ll be 100% happy with Roon. At present I like it for its functionality despite the interface.


edit: I see a lot of this is already there in the Tracks list. Is there any reason that genre isn’t there as a column? Can I edit this somewhere? If so, I’m happy!

Oddly I also noticed this the other day and thing it would be a good column to have added too. Though perhaps Focus is an option to use here.

Because, in the Roon world, Genre is an attribute of an album, not of a track.

It’s also a long-requested feature, but still not realised.

You can use Focus in the Track browser to filter on Genre - but this is still the genre of the album containing the track, not the genre of the individual track, as noted in this KB article:

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Search by humming. Observe that I proposed this feature on March 8,
#156. Now those schlubs at Google have stolen my idea. We’ll see them in court! /s

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YOu’ve been able to do that through SoundHound for years, I think.

Yep soundhound had this for years

Shazam followed later

And now also Google

Oh man, nobody, not even an AI, wants to hear me try and hum a tune! :grin:

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My main request:

  • Deep Zoom functionality for album art to allow me to read the small text on Album art JPG-files.

Actually this is my only feature request :laughing: