Top 10 Feature Requests

Yes, that indeed changes things Danny - off course full respect to Sarah and others doing the heavy lifting.

But I do want to point out that I was talking about the Daily Mixes…which seems like a great idea but the playlists often, well not so great pieces in there. I thought it was fed by Valence…hence the comment!

Sarah creates perhaps the Roon Playlists but I do feel some of us need to understand some of the value proposition Roon brings to the table.

I do feel we need to bring in some of the Tidal/ Qobuz (if there is any there) to Roon so we can choose which alogrithm runs our discovery session. At the moment, I have to switch to Tidal daily to go through their Daily Mixes and often their excellent curated Daily Mixes or their Master series playlists which are based on my listening habits. Let’s approach this constructively and increase the options for us folks!

For me, the real big thing is for Roon to play on Androids without resample and making it possible for a Android based DAP to act as an endpoint.
Please make it happen.

Ah - thank you. The problem is that I didn’t want to perform a destructive action. The interface doesn’t make it clear that you can freely switch. I will try this when I’m back in the office tomorrow.

Does it store your account on the cloud? I.e. do your Albums lists etc transfer over?

Been using Astell&Kern DAP which is Roon Ready, but WiFi on A&K machine is unstable and extremely weak, so I dropped the idea of using Roon with any DAP

Yes, but just from a licence perspective.

No, those are stored in the Roon database that is saved on the Roon Core device.

Thanks for the info. In this case then, it would be useful if in future this could be migrated over from the core to the cloud, thus centralising everything and abstracting your account from your location. The core then becomes little more than a licensing tool, plus of course the conduit to your hardware.

I would suggest that this would be a good start towards a proper mobile version of Roon. I, for one, would love to use it in the car for example.

I’d prefer it wasn’t. I want my database to be held locally so I have immediate access to my choices without necessarily being slave to the vagaries of internet access and all of the background hardware needed to make it all run.

Easily fixed by being cached locally. Send any changes up to the cloud if and when connection is available. When you connect elsewhere, it uses the local cache whilst downloading these changes. You get the best of both worlds.

That’s how I’d implement it anyway!

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You are probably right! But the security of a local database (or cache) would be essential to me.

Plus a fade-out and fade-in option for when skipping tracks. It is just too harsh skipping without dropping the volume. These are the quality of life updates we need for a premium product. IMO.


I was looking for an “Official” Features Request pathway so hopefully this is it?

The biggest things I would upvote are:

  • My listening history in Roon should update the source (i.e. Tidal) so that I don’t lose their recommendations
  • Tidal daily mixes and recommendations should be available directly in Roon

I find I must flip to Tidal for access to these lists. Over time I fear my Tidal recommendations will become stale if I don’t.

Otherwise my favorite non-SQ features of Roon are:

  • Signal Path info
  • Tagging (using this create quasi-folder views of my playlists)
  • Listening Profiles (I created multiple profiles based on mood and audience. e.g. Me, Wife, Together, CardsNight, ListeningRoom, etc…) This also lets me have a single subscription for Tidal while leveraging Roon to simulate a Family subscription)
  • Pop-up view of artist bio, lyrics, credits, etc… Being able to read the liner notes style info is done better than most other streaming and music services
  • Audio zone grouping
  • etc… obviously I am a fan :slight_smile:

I only have one at the moment: full width waveform:
I regularly listen to long tracks/mixes and it’s impossible to get to a specific part. Completely ruined my listening and honestly resulted in me to stop using it since 1.8 launch. Huge bummer for me. Unfortunately I will not be re-subscribing unless they bring it back.


Am still hoping that shuffle albums makes it sometime soon. Hoping that others who believe in this will also vote for it… or who know of orphan threads which have votes lying around for similar topics can help get them combined!


For me the number one request would be to put some love and attention into the developer’s API so that many of these other feature requests could be addressed by the community.


I know it has been mentioned several time above but for me the feature I really want is boxset handling. A structure where you can show the box set (along with its own tags) and all of the albums in the boxset along with tags and artwork. Most boxsets get imported with disc 1, disc 2 etc. but that does not really help. It is also not very easy to edit the data to separate the discs from the boxset into individual albums either.


My suggestion:

A hi-res badge in album view. Like it is done in Qobuz.

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Its currently got 4 votes, if you’d like to add yours :wink:

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What´s wrong with enabling the album format in the album view?

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+1 on streaming accounts per Profile to separate music preferences of the profile users also in tidal etc.

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2 years later and this simple request still isn’t available. WTH guys?