Top 10 Feature Requests

Oh man, nobody, not even an AI, wants to hear me try and hum a tune! :grin:

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My main request:

  • Deep Zoom functionality for album art to allow me to read the small text on Album art JPG-files.

Actually this is my only feature request :laughing:


Nice Idea. Hopefully with a modern touch interface with gestures and not 20 Buttons. :wink:

This assumes artwork in a good enough resolution to read it

And beyond resolution, good quality resolution, which is even more of a problem given the number of dreadful scans full of halftone patterns in the metadata databases.

So far, I only have a few requests.

  1. Ability to create custom radio stations with several artists or individual tracks as inputs. Or entire playlists (within reason – maybe up to 25 tracks / randomly select 25 tracks from larger playlists). I’d also like to see it keep track of the past 1,000 (3,000?) songs that it played on a particular custom station, and not repeat any songs, even between listening sessions (because a big problem with radio on other services is that it’s insanely repetitive and gets boring quick). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add custom radio. Roon Radio is so damn awesome that it seems criminal to limit it to a single track as the input. Roon Radio is the killer feature that brought me to Roon.
  • While that’s what I want as a minimum improvement to radio, it would also be great if Roon’s algorithms could generate radio stations for me. Similar to Spotify’s “Daily Mixes”, except algo-generated radio stations based on my Roon listening habits.
  1. An option to automatically select the “best” quality of an album in my Library, whether from my personal iTunes collection or Qobuz. I’m only asking for this as an option, as yes I do realize that the current default is already what many people want. I’d rather listen to what’s on Qobuz, because it’s rare that their 24-bit versions don’t sound better than my own CD rips. The current situation to select a Qobuz version as the preferred version is super tedious.

  2. Generally, I wish the iOS app was a bit more polished. The iPad app isn’t too bad but the iPhone app needs some serious overhaul. It seems like a B-grade hasty port from some other platform and is nowhere near as nice as Qobuz’ A+ quality iPhone app.

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Bringing some of my recommendations made in another post here as it might catch more eye time. Frankly, due to the lousy implementation or lack of the below features, especially how limiting the Roon Radio is (limited to ONE song to guess what to play…and even then it gets things wrong…see below…)…I am switching back to native Tidal app every now and then. Being a Lifetime subscriber who paid USD 699 for a piece of SW…that feels really sad and frustrating…i wish they had a refund policy!!!

Tidal integration needs improvements - the following improvements ASAP - I only use Roon to listen to Tidal and have no local files:

  1. Integration of My Mixes - Dont say it can be done as my USB Audio Player Pro App in Android has this…
  2. MOST IMPORTANT: When I select an artist by clicking it…No TOP SONGS are displayed only songs in my Library (already fav in Tidal) appear with full Tidal Albums below…i need to see all songs in track list form when i select an artist
  3. The ‘Tracks’ in Tidal ‘Favorites’ section (not ‘Tracks’ section) cannot be sorted by date added and I have to navigate to Tracks section and then sort by date - I want to be able to sort things everywhere…its dumb that I cant so it already!
  4. The ‘Tracks’ section doesnt keep the selected sort upon restart ie it sorts the track list back to first song earlier and new ones below…I always have to reset the sorting to newer songs first.
  5. The Roon Radio should be able to run radios for artists, albums and playlists etc…not just one song thats playing…thats dumb!
  6. The ‘Discover’ section should feature songs not just from my Library but also from other Tidal sources ie songs i have not heard before and those not from my Library. Assuming i know my Library well already, the ‘Discover’ feature telling me the same info is Dumb too!

While you guys are at it and if Valence is such a big deal…bring in some smart playlists and a Flow feature (Playing unlimited songs based on my overall preference - Like Deezer…but better!)…coz franky I am finding it very hard to say that Roon enhances my music experience any more than Tidal native app already does!


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It does this now. From Artist View, click Play Now selecting Radio. It plays selections of the artists work across the streaming service and your local library. It is one of my favorite Roon features.


Select the down arrow in the Play Now button right next to the Artist’s photo -> there are 3 choices - Play Now, Roon Radio, Shuffle.

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You know there is one frustrating aspect of this and some other threads and thats that some of the most obvious requests like having Tidal ‘My Mixes’ or Artist Top tracks (in all cases not for a few) or having Radio work for playlists (more than one song…) etc. have been posted in multiple places and for quite a few years now…but the developers do not seem to care now do they?! From where I stand, any legitimate and possible enhancements should take max a few months to implement for a SW intensive place such as Roon Labs. Just felt like pointing the obvious. No offence intended!

What are the precise differences between the 3 choices starting from artist?

That’s a good question.
Play Now > Plays selections of the Artist’s Songs across their whole discography amongst streaming and your local library. Essentially, all of their music.
Radio > Uses the artist as a seed for Roon Radio. You will get songs by the seed artist and other artists that Roon associates as related.
Shuffle > Plays songs from the artist found in your library only, in a shuffled fashion. Nothing from streaming services outside your library.

I really like Play Now. Not only will it show you a lot of the artists stuff you are familiar with, it also may play things you weren’t aware of, like bands they collaborated with.

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You are assuming the devs have any intention of implementing said feature. Whether you or I think it is legitimate or possible is neither here nor there ultimately.

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Many thanks for this. This is really useful information. I couldn’t figure this out based on the behavior of my system and couldn’t find it in the help either.

My experiences with Play Now are not that positive.
I have in my collection (local + Qobuz) some examples with really strange behavior.
I reported them to @support:

Another example of unsatisfying Roon Radio when playing an artist

But support never came back :disappointed:

See my reply to your first bullet in your original post. I don’t want to muck up this Feature Request thread on another topic so I reverted to your support thread.
MODS: You may want to move this over to the other thread too.

@grossmsj has got it right.

10 good reasons for NOT buying life !!

Things around us change , Roon it seems is slow to …

The last new feature apart from a timer was Jun , plenty of bug fixes

Maybe Xmas is coming ??? :mrs_claus:t2:

Composer on Albums set from metadata when a file is added

a possibility to fade music when ROON is stopped