Top 100 songs played - HOW?

I kinda remember this being very easy in a previous version of Focus (when it was more infographic-based).
I can find this feature when in the Albums section, but not when in Tracks.
I can list the whole database of music in order of most played, but I want to limit it to 100 songs only.
Tried on a Nucleus+ and my own Innuos ZEN MK3.

Unless I’m missing something the Knowledge Base is outdated?


I just tried, the knowledge base article is current (I believe)…. Click tracks, click the cog and enable “Plays” (if not already)… then click the Plays column heading (may need to scroll right to find it) to sort ascending or descending. I don’t think you can limit it to 100 tracks only though.

That’s the thing, you could before - Ive done it (in fact, its saved as a bookmark on my Nucleus), but I cant recreate it. And if you look at the images in the Knowledge Bases, they are pre-1.8, so not current.

Mmm, perhaps you need a “please re-instate feature” request?… I don’t much like the new text focus either, but that’s a story for another thread.

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