Top-down multipart work grouping seems wrong (source: allmusic)

For this album:

Roon takes metadata from here:

Since obviously neither Roon nor allmusic are able to handle more than two levels for composition / work grouping I get this:

Technically, it’s probably not wrong. If you have to pack a three level grouping into two levels you can end up with such a result. Wouldn’t it be more fitting to do this bottom-up instead of top-down though? I loose all the movement descriptions:

To me it even seems plain wrong todeclare the Sonatas No 02 and 03 as the same composition.

My questions:

  • Should that get changed at the metadata provider?
  • When will we get more than two grouping levels for works?
  • If alternate metadata providers have additional information - like here: couldn’t Roon check against it and create a more fitting 2-level grouping than the one in my example?

I don’t know if roon has plans to change this but they do currently have a three tier hierarchy from their metadata suppliers using a “Op. XX/xx: part” convention. A lot of the problem is that implementation really varies a lot from composer to composer so it is not by any means applied universally. This appears to be the case with your example but I have examples were it is applied. Normally what I do with albums not following this convention is I manually edit the WORK/PARTs to comply so that it looks like this Horowitz plays Clementi album.

But this is a lot of work with certain composers. Vivaldi is even worse than Clementi. Except for a handful of composers TBH I am not seeing much consistency. So, I haven’t got round to doing the manual edits with the Howard Shelly but it uses yet another grouping convention to squeeze a three layer hierarchy into a two layer hierarchy.

I also would prefer much higher levels of automation and much less manual intervention but I am not sure how realistic that is anymore as every composer seems to be a special case.

In my particular case the metadata provider seems to get it wrong and Roon propagates it down the line without applying that pseudo-3-level hierarchy. So I want Roon or its metadata provider to correct the data.

I already have file tags as a fallback - but that’s not what Roon is about. :wink:

Good luck with that. There will always be another album. A never ending task I fear.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

@joel may I ask what your opinion about the case is? Should allmusic correct this or could you apply some magic in the cloud?