Top requests for Roon 2.X

Now that Roon 2.0 has been released, it might be useful to gather some opinion on what our priorities are for the next few releases (versions 2.X). I know that you can now vote for individual features, but some brainstorming and collation of ideas is always helpful.

My current top pending feature requests:

  1. Better box set handling. There are many threads about this. Roon needs to be able to manage box sets properly - with info and artwork for the box set itself, and info and artwork for the individual albums contained therein. This feature could be extended by adding the ability to group albums in general - not as parts of a box set per se but some other way the user wants to group them, so that they appear grouped when browsing via albums.

  2. The ability to add names to CDs, not just CD numbers. Often CDs in a multi-CD release will have specific names (e.g. Disc 1 - Day, Disc 2 - Night).

  3. Proper handling of compilations (currently items tagged compilation can appear both under the “main albums” and “compilations” section, depending on the artists), and proper differentiation between compilations and collections/anthologies/best-of’s. The latter should probably appear after “main albums” and before “singles and EPs”.

  4. Add identifiers/labels to the album art - so that they’re not just a series of unnamed images but can be labelled as front, back, CD, gatefold, booklet, etc.

  5. Related to the above, increase the number of thumbnails when browsing the album art on a large screen. Also allow scrolling of album art when viewing in fullscreen mode.

  6. This is a big one - allow the user to add album reviews when they are missing. This would be done locally rather than added to some metadata provider. Also, ideally allow more than one review per album.

  7. The option to show artists’ discographies for those without a streaming service (so they can see which albums from an artist they are missing). Linked to this might be Discogs integration.

  8. Allow some kind of social network feature, where we could for example see a list of other users that have one of our albums, and see their ratings and reviews.

  9. Improvements to the waveform seekbar - so that it is a bit bigger and more detailed. Currently it’s very small and low resolution, and really only serves as a way to skip back & forward through a track. It would be nice to be able to see the dynamics of the track more clearly.

  10. Another big one - the ability to add private notes to an album. I know that you could type it into a PDF and do it that way, but a dedicated space in Roon would be ideal.

  11. The ability to remove the top tracks/suggested tracks section from the artist page. I don’t want to have to scroll past a list of random songs to see my albums.

Maybe I can add :

  • New upsampling algorithm (r8brain ?)
  • Tool to check if a file is a trueHD one
  • A way to modify the icon of a audio device
  • Be able to disable everything related to Roon ARC (no open port, no process etc …)
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Cannot be a new request as it’s missing from the start, all feature requests apply to the Roon Remote on IPhone OS

  • scrolling song lyrics on IOS IPhone Roon Remote (currently only static song text which needs to be manually scrolled is displayed)
    It’s present on IPad OS though
  • horizontal mode
    – most menue features are accessible on IOS but some are missing such as the DSP settings or upsampling settings. Reason is that the vertical IOS screen doesn’t allow menue information made for landscape mode like on PCs or tablets.
    – suggestion is to offer some landscape mode for phones so such menus can be made accessible