Topping D90SE DAC - play button greyed out

Hi there,

for my new headphone setup i purchased a topping D90SE DAC + a headphone amp.
I activated the DAC in Roon, set the MAC output on the D90SE - play button on Roon remains grey …
grrrr …
any idea?


What happens if you deactivate exclusive mode?

Just tried it. No change. Still grey.

Hopefully someone will have a better idea soon.
I have a Topping E30 that plays without issues fed USB from my Antipodes server.

How are you connected?
What type of connection feeds the d90? And from what?

thanks for trying to help, Hammer!

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Dont´t know why - it just started to work …


It could be in the first two picture, you had actually not selected anything to play. You would start Dupre playing by using the big blue Play Now button. The Play button on the bottom will be grey if nothing is in the queue to play.

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you are right. I am using Roon now für quite a while but made that silly mistake …
thank you!

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