Topping DX3 Pro +

Playing through my iMac to my Onkyo with a toslink cable. Now I would like to buy a dac as an endpoint and also to improve the sound quality.
Would a Topping DX3 Pro + do it for me or do I need a bridge also? I’ve read that you should not connect the dac straight to the Roon Core.

I’ve run a DX3 Pro connected via USB to a Mac Pro, and it sounded pretty darn good. Also measures well. You probably won’t need a streamer or bridge device, based on my experience.

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Yes I have read the ASR review and it looks like a really good device.
What amp/speakers have you connected to it?

I was using it with headphones in my office.

I have a Topping D70 connected to a kit-built Hypex nCore amp in my living room. I feed that via USB from a Raspberry Pi 3 running RoPieee (because my Roon Core device lives in the basement).

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