Topping E50 connected to PC via USB, MQA issue

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, 32 Gig RAM

The Topping driver for Win10 is for ASIO and does show up and play through both the system and Roon, but when I play MQA files the decoding (the Topping supports all types of MQA decoding) doesn’t seem to be happening. In the following example the Topping indicates 44.1kHz, not the 352.8 it would show if connected to my streamer. The PC sound setting is for 32-bit 384kHz, the max it will apparently handle. When I searched for MQA in the help area, it indicated it needs a dedicated device, but Roon has no entries for Topping - so is that the reason why the Topping isn’t apparently getting the MQA data?

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I would make sure the Topping is in “Exclusive Mode” (under device setup in Roon for this DAC). Roon won’t do MQA without it.

I would temporarily turn off DSP just to rule it out. That’s the only spot you’re seeing a green light.

Also make sure “Enable MQA Core Decorder” is switched ON in those same settings (under advanced).

I’m not an expert but I would think LOWERING overall volume with DSP is the same as reducing bitrate. (I may be incorrect there, but it’s worth trying with no DSP at all and seeing what happens)

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Thanks for that. I can’t set the Topping in exclusive mode because it doesn’t recognize the manufacturer (it’s not on their list) - so it doesn’t even offer that option.
I was using DSP to provide a volume control via the Roon program, but I disabled that and set the Topping as decoder and renderer - and now it’s working as intended. My PC volume control doesn’t affect it, but I have a remote for the PC speaker system … so I’m guessing that’s the most I can ask for. It’s interesting that Roon offers volume control for wasapi versions of all my sound devices, but not asio. BTW, it wasn’t the lowering of volume with DSP that reduced the bitrate - it was the assignment of DSP that appears to have done it (i.e. I increased it to zero DB and it didn’t change the rate). Thanks again.

I have an SMSL DAC that is also not “recognized” by Roon in the sense that it is not Roon Tested. It shows up as an “Unidentified Device”. But Exclusive mode is a USB protocol thing, I am pretty sure, regardless of who makes the DAC.

I think with Windows it needs or makes use of “WASAPI” mode. I am a Mac user, so not 100% sure.

I tested this DAC with a Windows 10 laptop and was able to engage Exclusive Mode. But it’s SMSL not Topping so perhaps mine is different somehow.

Regardless, if you got it sorted and are happy that’s what matters.

Just a fellow user here, as well, and avoiding MQA wherever I can, but I do know by way of checking for myself just now, that all questions asked so far are actually well explained in Roon’s help center, while contradicting the “solution” offered here!

Consider removing the “solution” tag, since that’s definitely not the correct way to set things up in this scenario…

Windows ASIO drivers don’t offer any choice for exclusive mode by design.
Sometimes, they’re needed in order to support higher DSD and PCM rates on some manufacturer hardware.

In order to use Roon’s DSP volume control in conjunction with full MQA unfolding, you’d have to enable Roon’s MQA core decoder and set your DAC as MQA renderer only.
That way MQA first unfold will be done by Roon, DSP volume adjustment applied, but MQA signaling will be preserved via RAAT transfer to the DAC for the final unfold and render blah blah.

Check it out and report back with sensical screen shots of set up and signal path if it does or does not work as intended!

@ Richard_Vanasse

This is how I have mine setup. I am also using DSP and DSD playback with this setting.


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