Total novice. Roon says 'stopped' on my NAS, no idea what to do or how

Roon Core Machine QNAP TS-453D

No idea what operating system or anything and don’t know how to find it out. I literally do not know how to use the machine AT ALL except turn it on.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Sky router. no idea about WIFI, but its connected by ethernet cat 6 cable.

Connected Audio Devices

streams to my pair of Devialet phantom 1’s(or did) which are connected via a magic lan plug in thingy.

Number of Tracks in Library

Haven’t got a clue, but its a very small library

Description of Issue

Roon says stopped. My iMac just says looking for roon core, blah…need to connect it again and don’t know why it would have stopped.

I’ve just looked at a trouble shooting page on Roon…
It asked to check that my iMac and QNAP are both on the same IP address…they are not…how is this possible, they are connected up together and why on earth would it change??? No idea how to change them/sync them or whatever as it doesn’t say how you can do that. Haven’t had access to Roon for weeks now…

They will NOT have the same IP address. They will be on the same network (or subnet, for instance 192.168.0.XXX, the first three set of numbers (192.168.0) are the “network field” that identifies the network the device is on and the last set (XXX) is the “Host Field” that uniquely identifies the device the IP address is assigned to within the network) is what they should have said. Each device needs its own IP for addressing. Another note is that if the IPs are assigned DHCP (dynamically versus statically) they may change over time (like after network or device restart) and might need updating.

The NAS should have a software package for administrating the NAS (QTS, I think for QNAP).
I am not familiar with QNAP but you should be able to get in there and “start” the server.
Hopefully someone will come along that know what you should do for QNAP. Alternatively you can go to the QNAP section of the forum and ask/search for help there. Sorry I could not be more help.

Thanks for that information, i will check it again to see if the initial numbers are the same.

I really hope someone can help. This is my third attempt to raise this issue here and so far no one has really replied. Haven’t been able to use Roon now since at least september, so just connecting my Tidal via Bluetooth on my phone which isn’t ideal.

Bit difficult to help when you know nothing about the system. Who put it in?

Stupidly i thought it would be exactly the same as using a laptop and i could just plug it in and click and play my movies and music very simply. I bought it on-line, turned it on and was totally stuck from the very beginning. I had to call up and pay someone to come round my house to install plex and sync it up to my tv’s. But that’s all they did. I managed to install Roon myself and it was working, but now it says STOPPED i have absolutely no idea how to START it again…my roon app on my iMac just says its looking for it and to check it on the same network etc…however i have no idea at all how to do that. All i can access for Roon on my NAS is a Roon box that tells me it is stopped. Is there another bit of Roon i don’t know about?

The processor in that NAS is less than what Roon requires, so maybe they decided not to deal with the issue. Have you tried re-starting the Roon service?

Really? it cost almost £1,000 only a few months ago…i thought i would be powerful enough for anything.
The processor is a Celeron J4125 quad core 2Ghz(burst up to 2.7Ghz)…i can’t believe it wouldn’t be able to cope…well, it was until it stopped.
How do you re-start the Roon service?

The processor is much slower than the minimum recommended. The lowest recommended processor from a pc a few generations ago is till way faster.
This is you processor vs that minimum which is 87% faster.

QNAP has a list of recommended models for Roon on this page:

I’m afraid that doesn’t mean anything to me…i’m shocked as the whole idea of me getting the NAS was to be able to stream all my music and movies around my home and anywhere i am in the world on holiday…
So do you suggest i just uninstall it and install the Roon core on my iMac instead??
It has a 3.5Ghz quad core i5 processor and 8GB Ram

I wish i had known all of this before i purchased the thing!!

First, I’d suggest getting a book on how to operate a QNAP server (NAS) and read it. Then you’ll know how to restart a service that you’ve installed and has stopped. Or, you could look at the QNAP help pages. Or the various instructional YouTube videos. I don’t have a QNAP box, so I can’t say, directly.

But does Roon have a list of recommended QNAP servers?

Probably a good idea.

I’ve already looked at loads of help pages and tube videos…unfortunately I’m so pathetic with computer stuff that if something doesn’t match up exactly i get totally stuck…so its really a waste of time.
I think it looks like a good idea to put the Roon core on my iMac…do i need to uninstall it from my NAS first, or can i just install another core on the iMac?

You can just install the Roon Server app on the Mac. The Core on your QNAP isn’t running, after all.

Ok, i have the Roon app on it already…i assume its different.
I’ll search for it.

When i search for Roon server it only comes up with ‘Firestream’ ?

Yes, they recommend the QNAP TS-473, which is listed by QNAP in the link above:

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I think if you have Roon installed on your Mac already, it includes the Server. You just need to configure it and start it.