Total speculation: Is a new update coming tomorrow?

Just for fun…

But I think I’ve noticed that some of the Roon team have been quite quiet this week, compared to the start of last week.

Could a new build be on its way to us tomorrow…?

Man, you are speculating. :smile:

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I think something is coming because NRFY has disappeared from my Home Screen…
It’s either that or a bug in 1.8 :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel it in my bones levels of speculating for me! :rofl:

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Well spotted! And for me.

And this issue is getting more reports:

Update to the server-side database, on a region-by-region basis, before the new build release?

Seems to be global I think…3am here in asia

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Possibly, but Asia would make sense (when most people are sleeping), perhaps it was a mistake to include continental European users?

Most on the reports on the thread linked above are from continental users and none yet have said if NRFY has also disappeared. And just to check, you didn’t mention which of the two issues you are seeing - just roon radio?

It could also be on a per functionality basis, per a region?

Who knows… after all, this is a speculation thread. :slight_smile:

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They are so quiet it’s like they are working on an ‘inky black silence’

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Oh that’s interesting, NRFY just appeared back on my Homepage - it was gone for ca. 3 hours.
But it’s still stuck on 26th Feb :slightly_smiling_face:

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I must be the only that doesn’t know what NRFY stands for. :flushed:


Yep, and for me.

New release in 10, 9, 8… or not :slight_smile:

‘New releases for you’.


D’oh, Of course! : :laughing: