Total time of library

Here are two silly questions:

First, I know how many “albums” and how many “tracks” I have on Roon. But how do I find out “total time” (as in days, hours, minutes, seconds). One reason I am interested is that I have some extremely long tracks (one is more than 70 hours of live music that needs to be broken up at some point).

I also am curious how many distinct “discs” are in the collection. An “album” can have many discs (be they derived from cds, lps, 78s, etc.). This is not too meaningful except for comparing sausages among music collectors, who seem to fixate on this. Nonetheless, it would be fun to know.

More usefully, it would be great to have some sort of a histogram that could be clicked on that gives information on time (not file size because some things are compressed). For example, if I have a “track,” “album,” or “disc” that is especially long or short, it would be good to be able to quickly identify them for editing outside Roon.


The only workaround I can think of is , depending on the size of your library, to make selections using Focus, and add the selection to the Queue.
The Queue will tell you the total time of your selection.
If you want to go one step further, then add the queue to a Playlist, that you can export.

In the Track Browser, you can sort tracks by length - this would give quick access to very short and very long tracks.

Also from the Track Browser, if you select all tracks and then use > Export > Excel, you get a sheet which has among others a disc number column. With some filtering you could probably create funny stats for bragging purposes … :slight_smile:


Extending the playlist idea from @anon90297517: also from the Track Browser, you could add all tracks to a playlist, then you get a total time for this playlist - probably in days (only).