Totaldac dsd files being converted to pcm

I’m using a totaldac d1-integral with DSD being fed via ethernet from a Macbook Air.
DSD64 files get converted to “88K2” as do 192K files…
There are no menus showing up for me to enable “Exclusive Mode” or “DSD over PCM”
I have “Max Sample Rate” set to “Disabled” and to “192/24” with no effect.
So of someone could explain how I can get DSD files to play natively, that would be great.
I’ve searched the database but not seen anything to help me, if I missed it, apologies.


Hi Rafe,

We met at Sound Hounds in Victoria a while back. Hope you’re well.

I don’t have this DAC, however, if you don’t have the DSD settings in Roon, it’s likely you need to make settings changes in the Totaldac. I looked at the manual and pages 10 and 21 refer to DSD conversion to PCM. On the Roon Ready settings page it refers to Roon Volume Service that, if started, will cause it to convert to PCM.

Anyway, maybe someone with a MicroRendu can help out.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg, I’ve tried the totaldac DSD menu approach, but it’s not coming up…for whatever reason I cannot aaccess it.
The weird thing is that I just downloaded a DSD album and tried it, and it shows up in the totaldac display as DSD… I dunno what’s going on exactly, but I’m pretty sure it’s my fault :slight_smile:
I’ll get a hold of Vincent at totaldac and ask forgiveness for my ignorance.