totalDAC Qobuz issue

Hello, I am a new user of Roon as of today. When you said to reboot the core, do you mean to disconnect the Roon account into the Roon interface: settings/ general/ … and reconnect ?
Thank you for your help

If you are running Roon on a Windows PC or a Mac, and you have setup Roon such that that is where the Core is also running, then “rebooting” just means quitting and restarting the Roon application - the Roon software for Windows or Mac is an “all-in-one” package containing the Core, the User Interface (“Control”) and the audio output drivers.

If you have your Core running in a Nucleus, or on a NUC using ROCK, then rebooting means rebooting your Nucleus or NUC.

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Thank you Geoff for your quick answer. My core is installed on a Totaldac player based on a nuc. So do I have just to push the on/off button to restart the core ? no need to disconnect on my iPad remote ?

I’m not familiar with the Totaldac player, but I believe you just have to push the on/off button to close it down, then push it again to reboot it.

The Disconnect button on your iPad remote has a different function. It is used to disconnect the remote from the Core to which it is currently attached. You will then see what Roon Cores are available in your network, and can choose which one to connect to. Since you probably just have the one Core on the Totaldac, you can only reconnect to that one.

Hi Laurent,

I have moved your post to a new thread. All support threads should be separate. Can you please fill in the required information below.

Which TotalDAC are you using. I have not seen one which is also a RoonCore. They have a model that they call “Core” but it is not a RoonCore, it is RoonReady though.


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Hello Laurent, this should give you a restart of the core. The core is the program that runs on this server, and basically it is the brain of Roon.
On you iPad, you have Roon as a remote. With this, you send commands to the core: play music, search for this or that etc.

Roon’s explanation of how it all works together

I have to agree with @Rugby here.
Totaldac just do DAC and streamers to my knowledge.
Not possible to host a Roon Core on any of them.
Which begs the question of just where is your Room Core located.
If you have successfully set one up that is.
The Roon app on its own will not get you success.

They do make a server nowadays:

Thank you so much Geoff, it’s perfectly clear and after a restart with the on off button, everything is now ok with Qobuz.

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Yes I have the player, the server and the dac.

Totaldac has a player too which has a Roon core

Thank you very much Arlen, with the restart, everything is ok now

Which model is that, Laurent? I have looked on their website for over an hour and the best I could find was the ability to add a Nucleus or Nucleus + on their price page.

Looks like it runs on Linux but someone would have to install Roon Core on it as it doesn’t look like it ships with it.

Here a link Rugby of the Totaldac player

Hi Laurent,

Thanks. I saw that but, it doesn’t mention RoonServer at all. It mentions that it runs TotalDAC’s “version of Real Time Linux”. Did you install RoonServer on that, or, did they? If they did, I did not see it as a configurable option in the pricing section where I looked.

I am not very specialized for this domain but I think that Roon is installed somewhere in the system of the player and the music is transferred from the player to the Totaldac streamer and finally to the dac
Of course from my side I installed nothing. Just all the cables

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