Toto IV Hi Res not importing

This is now 24/96 in Qobuz. I’ve just favourited in Qobuz, synched the service In Roon and the standard version has showed up.

Incidentally, Roon says it was originally released in April 1982 with an actual release date of 26 March 1982???

Update: now I’m playing on my PC, my DAC indicates Hi-Res but Roon is reporting:

Hi @Daren_Peacock,

What does the signal path show when you play this album? Can you share a screenshot?


I just searched in Roon for the album. I was presented with the option, in Roon, for the Qobuz hi res version. I added it in Roon using the “Add to Library” button. And, I get the correct album. See

You might try doing it the way I did it and see if it works for you, remember to remove the Album first. Maybe something messed up in Qobuz to Roon syncing.

Thanks. All OK following your suggestion.

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