Touch Bar Controls and more for Roon on macOS ⏬

I’ve created a BetterTouchTool-Preset for macOS which enhances the Desktop App of Roon with additional shortcuts:

  • You can switch between the views by pressing Cmd+1 thru Cmd+0
  • You can control Roon with the Touch Bar gobally and more detailed when Roon is active (see image below)
  • Swiping the Magic Mouse can be used to navigate in browsing history of the App
  • You can control Roon via BTT Remote

You can download the Preset from my Github page:


Missed this before…going to give it a try…great idea

I wish I had a Mac with a touchbar - this looks cool. In the meanwhile, I’m also using BTT to control Roon, but with an old Goldtouch keypad - it’s useful to be able to send commands to Roon without having to bring the app to the front.

Thanks a lot for this , works wonderfully .


Took the toolset and gave it a nice twist:



Hello Roy,

How did you add the Track info to the toolbar?



Hello Nick, It’s called the “Now Playing Widget”, and you can adjust the info with the Line 1 and Line 2 variables (see screenshot for details)

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Do you find Now Playing widget loses the album art icon each time a new song starts but returns after you’ve manually play/paused music? Only qualm with this setup so far, unless it’s user error on my end!

Set-up so far (Roon + day-to-day):

[Buttons: Overview tab, Discover tab, Now Playing view, Queue view]

@Tekl I really like to try this but might be a waste as my Touch Bar is out of view all the time as my MBP is off to one side because I use a big 55" OLED TV as my main workspace.

But maybe the magic mouse controls could work for me

Any discount codes for Roonies? Maybe I will try the generous 45 day trial :wink: Is it licensed per computer or can I use on 2 or more in the house?

Well, I’m not the developer of BetterTouchTool so I can’t speak for them. Beside of buying the app you can also subscribe it with lots of other cool apps through the Setapp service.

But all in all I don’t use the Touch Bar any more for Roon as nowadays I’m listening Music on my iPad through Apps like Albums and Marvis or Apples Music App on Mac. The Roon App is a bag of hurt for me especially on the iPad. The usability is horrible, as most standard gestures won’t work as expected. And it’s horribly slow to just skip a song as the App always reconnects when opening on iPad. In addition I learned to hate the Touch Bar as I’m not be able to avoid accidental touches even after months of usage. So a big part of my Touch Bar is empty now and only the middle has some essential system buttons.

Oh I thought maybe you were the BTT developer - sorry my bad. So the control is just a [free?] preset for BTT then?

Yes, that’s correct. :slight_smile: