Touch Bar Controls and more for Roon on macOS ⏬

I’ve created a BetterTouchTool-Preset for macOS which enhances the Desktop App of Roon with additional shortcuts:

  • You can switch between the views by pressing Cmd+1 thru Cmd+0
  • You can control Roon with the Touch Bar gobally and more detailed when Roon is active (see image below)
  • Swiping the Magic Mouse can be used to navigate in browsing history of the App
  • You can control Roon via BTT Remote

You can download the Preset from my Github page:


Missed this before…going to give it a try…great idea

I wish I had a Mac with a touchbar - this looks cool. In the meanwhile, I’m also using BTT to control Roon, but with an old Goldtouch keypad - it’s useful to be able to send commands to Roon without having to bring the app to the front.

Thanks a lot for this , works wonderfully .