Touch Screen Not Working Properly After Network Move [Resolved]

Having a weird problem with an Audiophonics RaspTouch I-Sabre ES9028Q2M (Raspberry Pi 3B with Audiophonics I-Sabre ES9028Q2M DAC, 7" OLED Touch Screen, Volume control, Steel case, and 8 GB memory card) running RoPieee OS to create a RoonBridge.

It was working fine on my home network setup connecting to an Intel i7 NUC running ROCK where the IP range was 192.168.0.x

I’ve now moved it to my work network with another Intel i7 NUC running ROCK where the IP range is 192.168.15.x

I connected the RaspTouch to the network and it seemed to connect okay. But the display screen says there was a connection failure.

Fing on an Apple iPad Pro 12.9" being used as the Roon control, found the RaspTouch. Roon on the iPad found the device and let me add it and I used a new Roon Control Zone Name.

I then changed the Roon Control Zone name on the RaspTouch via the web interface, then rebooted. It came up again with the screen still saying connection failure.

Apart from that the RaspTouch is working, as music can be played via it, but the display and touch screen is still showing the connection failure message.

Any ideas as to what’s wrong and how to fix this?

Did you enable the extension in the new environment?

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Duh! That was it. Missed a step. Thanks for the heads up @Nathan_Wilkes

Now I just have to get up the ladder into the loft space and run speaker cable to connect the Coral X-III speakers to the NAD 7020 AM/FM Stereo Receiver and it will be bliss in my office.

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