Touch screens for Roon

The iPad Pro is recommended by some on the forum. You simply install Roon via the App Store and it will find your Nucleus.

Ya, I use an iPad Pro 12.9" for Roon. Its lovely and a perfect size to use in landscape, for my hands (I’m only a smallish humanoid at 5’7" :grinning:) I find it unwieldy to use in portrait. At the moment I don’t think that smaller iPad work in portrait but apparently Roon have said that they are working on that issue.

Yeah, what Mark said.

Just about any iPad will work well. Most of the time I use my iPhone 7, which works fine.

Darko recently did a video with a large touchscreen monitor connected to a Windows PC. As he points out in the video, this is one area where Windows works much better than Mac (and he generally prefers Macs near as I can tell).

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Thanks so much, Cwichura! I vaguely remembered this, but couldn’t find it anymore. I’ll watch the video again and hope to find some answers. And to the others who responded, also thanks, but I’m not looking for a bigger tablet because they are only marginally bigger than my current android tablet (which, by the way, works perfectly well in landscape mode) and are way too expensive, the very reason why I’m looking into stand-alone touch screens. However, that will probably involve a pc or laptop running in the background…

device like this can turn Android Smart TV in large touchscreen

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Interesting gadget indeed! Assuming the RoonRemote app can be installed on it. But it appears hard to come by. Amazon doesn’t have it anymore. A review can be found here:

Even so, for the mentioned price tag of $300 you can also by a real touch screen.
Then again, if the Roon app can be installed on the Wave, a spare pc monitor with hdmi could do the job.
I would like something that I can use where I sit. I don’t see myself getting up from the couch and walk over to the TV to use Roon…

If you have a Android smartphone with desktop mode support like Samsung DeX or Huawei Emui you can connect them with single USB-C to a Touchscreen Portable Monitor, (mostly 15.6 inch some may up to 17.3 inch)

Sorry the Video in the link removed.

That looks like a nice solution too, but also a little expensive. Another option would be a Microsoft Surface Pro, which has a detachable touch screen. I mean, if you’re looking for a new laptop anyway (which I am), it would fit the bill nicely. I wonder if the specs of the simplest model are good enough for Roon? An i5 processor and 8 Gb RAM? Would that do?
Unfortunately the screen is only 12.3", not really much bigger than my tablet.
But it’s good to see there are quite a few options out there.

I‘m using Surface 3 (non-pro) as display and endpoint (not as the controller) and iPad as remote.

The photo is old anyway, now I added Surface Dock for USD29.

your can pair with a physical media controller (I have an Astell&Kern RM-01) via Bluetooth to control volume, play/stop, prev/next track)

Samsung Galaxy View Tablet 2 have 17.3 inch size, but the price is high at USD 500, not a cheap solution.

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As Roon Remote, low spec like 4GB ram is more than enough, my surface 3 just 64GB eMMC storage and 2GB RAM only

I’ve just bought a mini PC with windows 10 for £110 and a Hannspree 22" touchscreen for £200.

I’m going to use it solely for controlling Roon and place it on the sideboard that my speakers sit either side of.

I was going to buy a record player and put it there but I just don’t see the point when I can have a dedicated streaming station instead.

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Sounds good, and pretty affordable. Let us know how setting it up went - any special considerations? - and if there are any pitfalls to be aware of. The only drawback I envisage is that you can’t have it in your lap :slightly_smiling_face:.I love reading the metadata and exploring other stuff while listening. How will you be using it? A wireless mouse on a board? Then you wouldn’t need a touch screen… And then there’s the noise of the mini-PC to deal with. Put it in a cupboard and run a long HDMI cable? Anyway, i’d love to hear how you fare.

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All set up and working great, very happy with the look and functionality.

I ended up using the NUC as my roon core also


Still in doubt about buying a nuc with a 24 inch touchscreen monitor on a sidetable on wheels or buying an iPad Pro…. What to do?

Get the touchscreen monitor with NUC

I have an iPad also and the Touchscreen and hidden NUC looks excellent.

It’s a focal point

So the answer is already given. Despite having a tablet and a cell phone, I went for a notebook that has a decent screen (matte) and a backlit keyboard.

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Here just finished mine as well. Inspiration came from Darko’s video on this and also on the Roodial volume knob.

Not as good a photo but i am sooo pleased with the result. I can recommend this to alllll.

Iilyama 22 inch touchscreen
Intel NUC 5i5 with Win 10 and

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Mac Mini with Espresso V2

I have Roon installed on an iMac, a MacBook Pro laptop, an iPad and a Sony Vaio PC – and they all work very well. It mostly depends on your position[s] where you will be when using Roon in my opinion

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