Touchscreen/all in one on a budget


Looking to maximise my viewing experience. Currently have a 2011 MacBook Pro and a Teac ud301 with library on a Synology 414+ NAS. Am a Mac fan from way back and although I’m looking forward to the iOS release, I fear my iPad real estate will not be the same as a larger screen experience. Looking to have a 21" screen but only have $400-500 to play with… Second hand is fine. Will I be able to achieve my goal or am I dreaming. Don’t want a laptop… Still in one is fine. Ideas?

taking the idea from the original sooloos and an article on computer audiophile, i use my sistem connecter to a 22inch touchscreen which is wall mounted on my music room. its excellent.

Please advise which touchscreen you have.

i have a dell touchscreen monitor in my listening room, its pretty good!

myne is a 22 inch Planar Ive had it for 5 or 6 years I think.

Dell’s 22 touch are wellrecomended for this

Thanks Jorge…am looking at a hp L2105TM… Danny will this suit?

that should be fine

I’m running a hp L2105tm. It works well. The viewing angles are a little tight vertically, but the touch works better than my old monitor.

Be sure to turn on the virtual keyboard in settings. It doesn’t show up by default.