Track and Album Ratings

Where is Roon getting it’s rating data. Based on what I am seeing it does not appear to be coming from my FLAC tag. Is this a setting?

Also I can’t seem to find the Rating in Focus when viewing all tracks (only when selecting Artist/Album). Can this be added?

Is there some way to shuffle the output based on a Focus criteria?

Thank you

Welcome @Frank_DeMello!

More info on these questions is linked below:

Hi Mike - not having my ratings is probably a deal breaker for me unless there is away tell Roon to use my meta data vs AllMusic. I would not want to start over. I I have 24k tracks.
I also use JRiver not iTunes. Any way to bring those playlists in?

Any way to focus on ratings when in all tracks? I only see it in Albums/Artists

I’m on a free year but as of now I can’t see myself extending unless some of these issues are resolved

Thank you

I have 20,000+ flac files that I have imported into Roon. All have user defined ratings of one through five stars.

Is there some easy way to have all of my four or five starred files get the “love”/heart association inside Roon?

Also, is there some way to have those user defined ratings, independent of the love/heart Roon identifier, show up on my display, to use them to screen/focus, etc?



Hi @Brucemck2 – take a look at the links above. Right now there is no track level rating concept in Roon, but there are some workarounds mentioned in the linked threads.

I don’t have any news on this to announce right now, but I will mention that two requests like this in a span of 48 hours is the kind of thing we notice, so we’re discussing possible changes.

So I’m clear, you’re rating tracks in iTunes, correct?

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Thanks Mike. Sounds promising.

Hiya Mike, you might want to review this thread as well as it discusses track ratings and some potential issues with track ratings.

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I understand the issues with multiple users

Ideally I could simply populate my “hearts field” in Roon based on track level tag ratings being four or greater, or five (or some other user defined level), based on the existing track level ratings field. Each profile could set their own trigger levels (from none to “equal to or greater than four”).

Complications would be if I had manually set a heart field that was inconsistent with the ratings field

ps – I am using the track level ratings field in tag editors like J River, DB Poweramp, etc.


Any update on when/how we can use individual track ratings?

Ideally I could use those I assigned in db Poweramp and/or J River

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