Track Based Genres

Has there been any development or updates in regards to this FR? I am quite disappointed in the direction Roon has gone in the past couple of years, with quite a few very basic but necessary features still missing and no indication from the team if they are even considering adding these. Feels a little bit like having a car with a faulty engine, and instead of getting it fixed insisting investing in a new coat of paint each year…

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Quick update on this subject. I’ve looked into the possibility to use the ROONTRACKTAG to introduce a track based genre tagging, and in all honesty I think it will work well for me. It does require you tagging your music, but I’m personally fine with that and it’s my preferred way. This feature is however currently buggy:

Not having track level genre support is a deal breaker for me. Think of a sampler album that might have five or six different genres on it. If it’s not Christmas time, I do not want “Holiday” music playing. Genre by track is a must-have. I’ve spent hours categorizing my collection. Have no problem doing this with JRiver Media Center or MediaMonkey. I’d like to switch to Roon and will gladly give them my money for many of the advantages that Roon has but NOT if this isn’t changed.