Track containing " (ASCII code 34) in the file name is not imported

-Core Machine: Win10/Roon core build 537
-Issue: Track containing the character " (ASCII code 34) is not imported in library. This character is very common in french. Please, can you fix this issue? Thank you!

Can you please stop using characters documented as to avoid in file and folder names?’t_showing_up_in_Roon#Special_Characters

You can still use them in the metadata of your files.

I use other library management softwares (JRiver for example) and Roon is the first one that not support double quotes characters. What is the reason?

Well, its common for file systems not to support “ , this is a file system restriction, not a Roon one. Roon is multi-platform/multi-filesystem compatible, its simply best just to avoid the characters as suggested in the knowledge base and avoid issues.

OK, I understand and will update my 640 files containing double quotes…

It is not ideal but depending on your OS if you want to preserve the readability you are used to, you may find that single quotes will work. I’m on Windows 10 and haven’t had a problem with this. There are a lot of tools that will batch the changes. I use mp3tag. And of course you can just reverse the change instead of loosing it when you move on to another player.

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