Track count and identifying stuck

I am running into, at least I think, into the same issue as a few others that roon has added tracks, but gets stuck in a loop and cannot identify them.

In my case 48 tracks added, 0 identified.

Roon keeps on trying to identify. The round wait thingy keeps circling all day (I know, very technical :slight_smile: )

How can identify which tracks are causing this issue. I am happy to remove/re-rip, whatever needs to be done, but I do not know the culprits.

I thought that the inspector would maybe identify them as corrupt, but there I have zero corrupt tracks.

While checking these tracks under the inspector, I noticed something to else.

The number of tracks from the overview screen does not match the number of tracks when you click on them to go to the tracks overview.

Overview states 57976 tracks, when you click on tracks it says 53041 tracks.

I only have flac and dsf files. I suspect that the delta is the number of dsf files.


It gets even a bit weirder. The above happens on an iPad Air2. When I am behind my normal PC (remote) Number of tracks are equal.

In Roon terminology, “Identification” is referring to the process by which we send information about your files to our servers, and our servers hopefully return a big lump of rich metadata go with those files.

Your problem could be server or client-side–hard to say. It probably isn’t an indication that anything is wrong with the files.

@mike will be along to help you send us logs, and hopefully they'll paint a better picture.

@brian just was editing my original post. The number of tracks only differ on my iPad, remote and core are equal

Ok, this sounds like it is probably just a status reporting bug. If you restart all, I bet they all will be consistent.

@brian Restared all, but issues stay the same. Even uninstalled the app , to see if that worked, but no.

Album count in overview 3959 when in album view count is 3505
Track count in overview 58356 when in track view count is 53338

Feels like something is filterred, but there is nothing visible under the inspector tab.

Next to this the identifying keeps going on. 63 tracks added, 5 identified, but now is stuck.

Numbers have changed because I added tracks to my library.

What happens if you change the Show Hidden Albums option in Settings?

Duuuh…, I feel like an idiot now. That was it. On the core and remote I did that and it never occurred to me to do the same on the ipad.

Thanks, mike.

Maybe an idea to have a copy all settings from core option :slight_smile: ?

Now only getting rid of the identifying loop. Could it be due to the fact that I am changing a lot of tags at the moment?

Many settings are system-wide, but we judged that this one (and other display settings like it) shouldn’t be.

Why? Showing hidden content is a pretty nit-picky/technical feature, and different people prefer different display settings. Less sophisticated members of a household probably shouldn’t be exposed to the more technical settings just because someone using a different remote, or sitting in front of the core machine, chose to operate that way.

Since devices tend to be fairly personal these days, and Roon is designed to provide music to a whole household of people, each of whom may have their own devices and different levels of technical aptitude, we felt that making this a device-level setting instead of a server setting was the best thing to do.

I don’t think so. Logs will help. @mike ?

Hey @allineedis – don’t feel too bad. You’re definitely not the first one to be confused about this distinction, and we’ve discussed aligning the two counts.

Anyway, I think you have a support ID from our past discussions so, if you don’t mind, can you send a new set of logs and then send a PM to @vova and myself to let us know when they’ve been uploaded?

What would be helpful is to restart the Core app, confirm that the importing count is getting stuck for a few minutes, and then submit a fresh set of logs. We’ll take a look and see if we can get a sense of whether this is a file causing issues for our importing process, or something else.

Thanks Rob!

Hi mike,
Hi vova,

Did you guys get my PM with the support message number. Not sure if I did this correctly.



Still having the spinning identifying loop with unidentified tracks.


Hello @allineedis, sorry for delay.

I didn’t get any notifications about your post from Oct 13 :frowning:
I’ve examined your logs and I see an error there - waiting for dev feedback. I’ll keep in touch with you.

@vova any feedback from one of the devs?

I just PM’d you @allineedis – sorry for the delay!

Hi @mike @vova I did reply to the PM, at least I think. To me it is not totally clear which message is private and which is just a notification/reply.

Private messages have an envelope to the left of the subject line.

OK, thanks. I did reply to the correct one :grinning:

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