Track count in Roon doesn't match track count in Apple Music app

The number of tracks in Roon (7,343) does not match the number of tracks in the apple music app (7,445). There are 43 apple music tracks (.m4p files). That leaves 7,402 tracks in the music app. How can I quickly find out which tracks are missing in Roon?

Any duplicate albums you might have are likely hidden as Roon does this automatically and you choose the version you want from the versions tab. The albums section only shows albums that are not hidden unless you have Show Hidden Albums /tracks selected in the main settings. The other reason may be it’s not imported some albums. You can check for skipped items in the Library section from the main settings page.

Hey @Cem_Lafci, sorry for the delay in our reply!

We were wondering if you were able to find the missing tracks in Roon by using one of CrystalGipsy’s recommendations? You can find the skipped files by following these instructions: Skipped Files

You can also read more about why your files aren’t showing up in Roon here: Why aren’t some of my files showing in Roon?

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