Track cover display

Is there a way when a track is on to have the album cover displaying on all the time and not the lyrics or any setting for this?

Yes, when you’re on the Now Playing screen look in the upper right corner. There should be several Icon options. The disk icon is the album cover.

I do see it I really didn’t explain myself properly, when the next track comes in it will change to lyrics. I’m trying to keep album cover on all tracks played

You have the default set to lyrics view. On the Now Playing screen there are three dots at the lower right above the speaker icon. Click the three dots and select Configure Now Playing Screen. Drag the Album Art to the top. It will now be the default view.


I’ll be darned. I didn’t know that!
Thank you @David_Gibson!

Going to give it a try
Thank you

I misunderstood the OP’s question, great answer. I was not aware of that and have made the change myself.

Thank you found it and works exactly as I wanted

You’re welcome.

Beware multiple jpeg files , when in Art mode it pages through all image files for that album , can be quite distracting

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