Track Credits run into each other

Please see attached photo. Longer Artist Names are getting a line brake when this is totally unnecessary as there is plenty of display property left and right. This causes the Artist names to overlay over each other making them illegible.

I would appreciate if you would be so kind to take this up and correct accordingly. Many thanks

Moved to @support as clear bug.

Thanks @joel . There should be a clear sub-section to report bugs.

Hi @bbrip,

I’ll get this passed along to the QA team. The report is much appreciated!

Additionally, I have deleted some off-topic comments in this thread (as is standard for topics in the #support category especially).


This issue remains unresolved after 9 months. @dylan could you please provide update where you guys are on this

Not seeing this in 1.8 @bbrip – can you provide an updated screenshot? Thanks!

Hi @kevin Here you go. Screenshot taken just a minute ago.

Absolutely nothing has changed to the better in 1.8 . Plenty of space to display that orchestra and chorus name in one line. And if a line-break should ever be necessary, it should not obstruct other metadata on display.

Thanks for finally adressing this

I see you have renamed the title of this bug report.

To be precise: This is not just about track credits „running into each other“. That is one part of the issue.

The other is: „Track Credits show an unnecessary line break“ when there is plenty of space to display the track credit in one line.


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