Track fast forward use freezes playback requiring complete reboot

Roon Core Machine

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813 Android version 7

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Orbi WiFi Hard wired from primary modem

Connected Audio Devices

Oppo 201 USB
Legacy Wavelet DAC/Preamp USB

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Attempting to fast forward (move the playback ahead a few seconds or minutes) a track in progress causes Roon to freeze and requires physical disconnect of power to the unit for hard reboot.

Hello @John_Briehl ,

Does this issue only impact the Oppo or Wavelet zone in particular, or does it impact both zones? Are multiple Roon Remotes impacted or just the Samsung Galaxy tab presents this issue? When Roon is froze, are you still able to access the Web UI? Let us know when you have a chance!

It affects both as they work in tandem. It worked perfectly for two years until a couple of months ago. Only the Samsung Tab 2 is affected as it is the only access I use. Don’t know what you mean by UI unless it’s user interface. Once the Roon Nucleus + freezes it just spins.


Hello @John_Briehl ,

By this I mean the Web Interface used to manage the Nucleus, e.g.

Are you still able to access that page properly? Do you see RoonServer as running if so? Let me know when you have a chance, thanks!

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