Track Grouping

Hi, I’ve just bought a download from Qobuz Mozart String Quartets by Cuarteto Casals. It’s stored on my Roon Nucleus. All works fine except the 4th movement of String Quartet 16 is separated out from the first three movements - see attached screen shot.

How can I rectify this?

If you look at the composition title in your tracks listing, you’ll find a subtle difference between movements 1–3 and movement 4, which is what causes the fourth movement of K. 428 to be singled out. What’s worse, Roon will identify this movement as a composition in its own right… Going to the Compositions browser, I am sure you’ll find it under Mozart’s compositions at the same level as the K. 428 as a whole.

But you own the files, and can try and tag them correctly with a tagging program, then reimporting the files into Roon, telling Roon to respect your file tags rather than Roon’s own metadata. This should correct your situation.

Regrettably, this is not possible for those of us who stream this and so many more albums from Qobuz/Tidal. I have found no way to group tracks in an album’s track listing and assign the group to a composition. For my use case, this is one of the biggest shortcomings of Roon. Browsing my library’s compositions for a given composer brings up many single movements and composition parts erroneously identified as a composition itself.

What can be done in the Compositions browser is identifying several equivalent entries for a given composition (e.g. different titles, titles in different languages, etc.) and merge them, selecting the one you would keep as composition description. But that would not make sense if the entries are not equivalent, as is your case—the single fourth movement is not equivalent to the while K 428 quartet.

What a brilliant reply. Thank you so much.

I wonder can you suggest a good tagging program? Preferably free or cheap as I don’t expect to use it very much. I am subscribed to all Adobe Creative Suite if any of those do the job. Otherwise I’m a novice at sound files.

I have ripped and tagged my CD mainly using the free tool XLD, which is only available on Mac OS.

Many here on the forum recommend and use dbPowerAmp which is not free, but if it is only one album you’re going to correct, then I assume the free trial might suffice.

Roon gets lots of metadata off the MusicBrainz database, and there is the free Picard tool from MusicBrainz. You might use this to identify your album, but must then look out to correct any errors you might encounter. I’ve occasionally used Picard to tag some albums.

Thanks again.

I tried MusicBrainz and also Music Tag Editor from the Mac App Store. I got it so that every movement had a full title of the Quartet Number and Movement Number but I couldn’t get it so that it showed the Quartet as a heading and then just the movements grouped under that Quartet.

The album plays fine, the music and the playing are superb. What’s not to like? To be honest I’m not sure it’s worth time and effort pursuing further just to get the visual look a bit better in Roon.

Here’s a helpful article about Roon’s File Tag Best Practice; especially the Work/Part tags are important in your case:

You should be able to get your problem album straightened out. It’s not only a cosmetic problem of presentation in the GUI, but also a problem of falsely identifying parts of a work as compsitions in their own right.

But yes, I am with you, I also generally prefer just listening to the music. Wish Roon would make it easier for us to correct these composition grouping errors directly from an album’s track listing…