Track has "Artist", and "Album Artist" Tags, Roon displays "Unknown Artist"

Am I missing something here?

I suspect that the issue here us that Roon’s metadata doesn’t include matches.

But product behavior in this scenario is frustrating …

a) Available “Artist” Tag data isn’t displayed in Roon; and
b) Neither Track Edit - Metadata Preferences, nor Edit Track provide any
option to control the “Roon Artist” display in any way — neither “Use Tags”,
nor “Add To Roon Metadata”.

I can appreciate many aspects of the Roon Object Model, and have been thru
at least first-level references:

I’ve also seen reference to “Album-level corrections for multi-artist albums”.

I can appreciate that Roon wants their Metadata library to grow, and that this
would add value for Roon users.

But at this specific point – where the media contains metadata that Roon doesn’t
(appear to), Roon could “Display The Label, With A Disclaimer That It Doesn’t
Know What The Label Means”" … and could trigger some type of transaction to
assess, and potentially capture new metadata.

A potential “Learning Experience” is instead manifested as what appears to be
a cold shoulder.

Please advise if I’m missing something …


Have you tried telling Roon to prefer the file tags for that album?

Can you give examples of tracks in your collection that have “Artist” or “Album Artist” tags, but where Roon is displaying “Unknown Artist”?

I’ve searched for “unknown” in my collection, but all that has come up (besides tracks where the word “unknown” is contained in the title) are tracks where indeed there are no Artist or Album Artists assigned in the track metadata and the album/track cannot be identified by Roon…

Update: I’m now seeing “Artist” being displayed as expected.

Key to resolution was “Edit - Re-Scan Album” … and evolving the workflow.

I’m still in the process of migrating to Roon; but continuing to use iTunes for two
purposes - replication to phones, and Tagging.

iTunes copies to the Library; Roon reads the Library.

My problem was related to importing un-Tagged tracks, and then editing the Tags in
iTunes … and thinking that I was done.

Roon saw the “Un-Tagged” files, and needed to be told to Re-Scan.

Thanks all