Track history list shows tracks I've not listened to

Looking at the history of track played I noticed that from 1 day to 15 hours ago the list shows many songs I’ve never listened to.

Looks like either the logs from another user (songs are all french songs) got mixed up with mine or someone hacked into my system, or one or more of my roon endpoints (2 BlueSound devices) were streaming.

Music from Tidal and from Rock internal storage.

I’ve changed my Roon pw just in case. My passords are always pretty srong.

What are the possibilities, how to check?

Had something similar myself last week. Have a “play count zero” playlist on random when I use the home gym to find hidden gems in my collection. Heard an epic track, was definitely by Alice In Chains (great gym music!). Decided I’d revisit play history once back at my desk to take another listen. No sign of that track in history, but there was definitely at least one track in recent history that I had not heard (which was also in my local storage) Some kind of substitution bug in history maybe?? No idea how to recreate this, but will keep an eye on it.

Checking the logs I think this maybe due to Roon radio which picks up automatically. I alway try to disable this but for some reason maybe that time it was on.