Track is found in Tidal but not in Roon

search for “marley marl symphony”
this is what Tidal shows

bingo, it finds the track no problem

this is what Roon shows

the track does not appear in the search results.

If I go up to the albums, and scroll and hunt and find the album “Best of Old School Hip Hop” then click in, the track appears.

confused. why doesn’t this track appear in the initial search results in Roon, but it does in Tidal ?


These are just different search engines – in Roon, you’re searching our metadata even in TIDAL, so it’s not using their search at all.

I agree we could be doing better here. I’m going to open a ticket and we’ll see if there are improvements to be made the next time we’re working on search. I don’t have a timeline for when that work will happen, but @joel and I will definitely take a look.

Thanks for the report, and the screenshots – was glad to see you weren’t actually searching for Marley Mark :wink: