Track jumping forward, and counter too fast

A problem I’ve just come to notice recently - not sure if it’s to do with the latest update or something else.

First I noticed that the track timer (to the left of the waveform seekbar, showing the time played so far) is not counting seconds evenly. Every 3rd second seems to be cut short by about half a second. So for example, it will count 1, 2 and then go to 3 before 2 has counted the full second. It’s like the counter is going slightly too fast, but the seconds aren’t counting this evenly. To my ears, I can’t hear any sign that the actual playback is sped up.

This problem seems to be independent of bitrate. Also, the bitrate shown in Roon in the playback chain matches the bitrate on my DAC during playback.

Output shows WASAPI exclusive mode, and the audio setting is set to “Weiss Firewire IO Audio” (Weiss DAC2 is my DAC). Exclusive mode, event driven mode and force maximum volume are all ticked, but not disable volume control. Max sample rate is disabled, resync delay is 0.

Second, I noticed that some tracks will have one skip in them, where the music pauses for something like 0.25 seconds and then jumps forward to a later part of the track.

I wonder if the above 2 problems are connected, and what is going on?

Any comments from the devs on this one?

There are some pretty big changes coming under the hood for 1.2, and I think this should be a lot better once that’s live.

Thanks Mike - look forward to 1.2! :smiley:

A related issue that I just noticed for the first time just now - a track was playing, and about half way through it stopped for a second, I heard the DAC change bitrate and then the playback resumed but slightly too fast (with the singer’s voice too high). Strange!