Track list (queue) on "now playing" page

This is not a support issue but since the description of the section says “Got a question about using Roon?”, I’ll post here.

I mainly listen to albums as a whole, I don’t use playlists or frequently use the radio. To experience an album (like in my analog days), I need two things: track listing, album cover art. I love Roon display with artist pictures but neither display nor app views show a track listing beautifully.

I sometimes use a split screen on computer, one side a browser for Roon display, other side for Roon app which shows the queue; but this is not convenient and truncates many entries on display view.

Is there a way to customize the “now playing” screen to show a track list (queue) and a big album art, maybe with artist picture? Maybe a display add-on for track listing?

PS: English is my second language, so pls forgive me if I am being funny :slight_smile:

Hi @ilkay_uzun,

Unfortunately this is not possible, so I’ve moved your topic to the #roon:feature-requests section of the forum.

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