Track list symbols

Is there somewhere in the user guide that shows what all the symbology used in the different areas of the software are?

I came across a track that has a disc symbol, and overlayed above it there is a blue box with a 1 inside of it. This is my only copy of the song so I’m not sure what the symbol is supposed to mean. I haven’t been able to find any section in the user guide that just describes the symbols which there absolutely should be

That means there are ‘n’ versions of that song in your library, or if there is a ‘T’ on Tidal. Click on it and see.

Why is it only showing a 1 then, seems like useless information

I have no idea in your library. If you have another version of that track you could add the correct composer and check the title spelling is correct.

This is what the feature does and it’s all clickable.