Track listings are correct but album art and choices aren't

Hey folks at Roon. Just noticed that Roon seems to be having trouble finding some of the correct art and album names in my collection. I checked my Led Zeppelin albums (all recent hi res downloads) almost none of the names are correct. The tracks are but the album covers and choices to correct in the edit section are not right. I would think albums like Led Zeppelin II or Physical Graffiti would be easily found but not yet in Roon. Do I just need to wait for a few days as the program suggests when you can’t find the right match?

Hi digitalzed,

There were some last minute changes to the code that affected these specific remasters and things should resolve itself in the next few days. For the time being you can just go back to your metadata by selecting “None of these look right” twice and then saying Yes to using source file meta.

Thanks. I’ve done just that awaiting the code update.

Also if you ever want to revisit these albums or any others you had to manually override, just go to Albums>Focus>Inspector and from there select Identified flag and then click on a little plus next to its name to perform exclusion search through the library.

Not sure I understand this. I am sure it’s me. I’ve gone to albums>focus>inspector, selected Identified, but am I looking for a + next to the album name? I don’t see that.

The “+” will be right next to your criteria flag, you can flip it to “-” to perform inclusion/exclusion search on any of focus items.

ahhhh, yep, I saw that, but I misunderstood. Thanks for the screenshot. Very helpful.

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