Track longer than Roon thought[Ticket in]

Not seen this before. Evidently the track is actually longer than Roon thought and so the time played bar goes on outside the usual space set aside for it.

Hello @philr,

Is this something you can reproduce on the constant basis ?


I had it here a few days ago. Obviously @philr listens to the best music. (Or reads great music critics.)

Hi @vova,

This appears to be an issue with the track length information supplied by Tidal.

Roon’s metadata is correct, with the length of this song at 5:36, however, Tidal indicates it’s 3:04. It shows as 3:04 on the Tidal app too, yet plays for 5:36.

If you try and Identify, you’ll see that the last 7 songs on this album have incorrect track length.

Cheers, Greg

Didn’t notice it was a TIDAL track. Thanks everyone for information and thanks @Greg for analysis. Straightforward to reproduce, ticket is in.