Track matching issues

This is something that happens all the time.

I have an unidentified album, Conrad by the legal Matters.
I see it on the list of close matches, I click on it and go to the ‘lets see if everything is in order’ window. There are two versions, the first is the digital download release and even though all the tracks correspond correctly there’s a message that says 2 tracks don’t match and there’s a ! mark on 2 of the tracks. The other version is listed a vinyl release and that lists 11 tracks as not matched with a ! mark, even though all tracks correctly correspond correctly. I’m wondering why this is and does it matter which version I choose?

I’ve moved this to support metadata so it will be seen better.

thanks Ged

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I find that often “Tracks don’t match” is just a small difference in time of the tracks.

Me too. I don’t know what the origin of this is. BUT, if everything else looks right, I just match them and figure it’s fine.

I have never had an issue when I accepted the match even though track times had small differences. I have assumed that it is mostly due to how or if the gap between tracks is treated as part of a track as well as to the rather imprecise way track times are measured or reported by the label. I have Eri Yamamoto’s Firefly playing as I reply so I checked and musicbrainz and AUM Fidelity (the label) give slightly different times for some tracks than roon, Bandcamp (where I bought it), and allmusic do. As I don’t sit around with a stopwatch as I listen to music, this tends to not bother me.

Thanks, yes the small difference in track time seems to be correct

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