Track matching on iOS

This is amongst the worst experience I’ve had with any software in the iPad. Tell me if I’m missing something and there is a better way to do it. And don’t get me wrong, i love Roon, and this does not change that, but I think one purpose of this forum is to report our painful experiences.

I am working with Wes Montgomerys classic recordings 4 disc set on an iPad. It was imported partially using iTunes, as in 2 of the 4 discs were imported. When trying to match tracks, each disc shows up as dic1 when they were disc 3 and disc 4. I have to move each track down really far in the list to match and along with trying to accurately hit the arrow button and scroll down far it takes an inordinately large amount of time for each track let alone the entire two albums… This is countless number of scrolls and touches. To make matters worse, if you touch a bit outside the dialog goes away and you’ve lost your changes before you save unless you hit save each time, which would double the number of touches.

For the moment I’ve given up because I lost my changes after many steps and I don’t want to spend another 20 mins matching tracks when it should be 1 minute and I’ll get back to it later on my computer instead of iPad. Again if I’m missing something my apologies for crying wolf but otherwise this should be a simple user experience with the normal iOS list handles for moving.

I have this on my Mac as well, so I guess it also occurs on a pc. Frustrating and time absorbing, one of the things that really make me want to put the UI high on the priority list for the next version of Roon.

You’re right, just looked and it’s just as bad on my mac. I do hope this is prioritized for the next release. The main issue is that the discs don’t match and matching the song to discs in a multi disc setting might be more intuitive. Moving within a disc isn’t as bad as moving across entire sets of them.

I have an idea, but I’m not guaranteeing anything.

Select the album, click on the 3 dots icon and click Fix Track Grouping.

From there, you will probably see disc 1 on the left and tracks on the right. First, click the check mark of each track that should be on disc 3. Now click on Move to disc # and click Move Tracks to New Disc and type in 3.

Now, assuming the tracks that show when you highlight disc 1 are correct, change disc 1 to 4.

You may now need to Sort Discs and Renumber Tracks.

When everything looks right, Create Album (2 disc, # tracks).

The album may Identify automatically. If not, try and Identify manually.

Cheers, Greg

That worked! Thanks!

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