Track Metadata on RPi display

Hi all

I listen to radio a lot. Not Roon radio, but various internet radio stations.

I also have a RPi display hooked up, which shows track info, but not while playing radio.

However of I play the same radio station over FM in my car, the car picks up the data if a track plays on the selected radio station.

Forgive my lack of tech knowledge but is this possible via Roon and my RPi display?

Roon will display metadata in the footer and clickable metadata on the Now Playing screen if the Internet station is broadcasting it. I’m not sure what screen an RPi endpoint displays, I thought it was the Now Playing screen.

Let’s see if @spockfish can help. Harry, does the RPi use an existing Roon screen or is it a whole ‘nother thing ?

@fin, What station are you listening to ?

It’s a whole other thing :grin: But it displays whatever Roon shows as well.

So this is more a Roon question then a RoPieee question.

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I’m listening to RTE Radio 1 guys

Hello @Fin, sorry for the delay in replying.
I’ve been looking at the RTE Radio 1 internet streams; none carry metadata although they have the option of doing so.
The RTE website player appears to be able to query back to a site to get metadata (which Roon cannot do) but even then is not displaying it…

So unfortunately it seems we can’t display metadata for you - sorry.

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