Track Mixing, ala "Serato Pyro"

Has anyone used Pyro (iOS)? It’s really good for taking playlists of single tracks and mixing them into a continuous mix, rather than a stop start list of tracks. This is track fading done properly.

It will even take the playlist and rearrange (a version of it) it into a sensible order. Not sure as there’s no documentation, but I think it takes into account BPM & key amongst other things.

It is apparently built on a lot of Serato proprietary technology, and it does do a pretty good job of blending beats, even has a few tricks up it’s sleeve like repeating bars of tracks and then fading out. When you skip a track it will try to elegantly move on to the next one also.

It’s changed my appreciation for my spotify and itunes playlists, and I would absolutely love to see Roon implement this feature, I think it would be a huge plus.

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