Track names for DSF files

Roon 1.2 imports DSF album files and plays them an LP side at a time.
Is there a way to set Roon to display the track names for the DSF file?


Use a dsf file per track not per side or album.

DSF was not ripped that way. JRiver Media Center import the DSF file and shows all tracks automatically. Can Roon do the same?

Nope, you would have to re-rip to individual tracks.

What info is it using to do that ? I assume there must be a cue file of some sort. This should be useful when splitting the file into tracks.

I recall @brian (I think) mentioning that DSF was not actually intended as a consumer format. So, the onus is on us (consumers) to use regular formats.


There were no CUE files accompanying the DSF album tracks. Not sure how JRiver Media Center does it. It is the only of the top players with this feature. Audirvana and Pure Music does not also.

@ncpl, DFF is the non-consumer format, but we support that now.

DSF was intended to be used as one-file-per-track, not one-file-per-disc. Not sure you how you got files that buck the standard. I’m not sure how a DSF file would represent metadata for multiple tracks, given that they are tagged with ID3–which is inherently a one-track-per-file tagging scheme.

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