Track names not showing up in Roon though track names are correct in file

The issue occurs only with one album though I have set the preferences for the album to prefer the file names for the track and not Roon. Any suggestions for getting the correct track names to actually show up in Roon. Thanks!

Hi @Mark_Ellenbogen,

Why have you set it to prefer file names? I ask because I wonder if the tracks themselves don’t contain the proper metadata info. You could try manually editing the track names:
3-dot drop-down next to heart icon -> edit -> edit track.

thanks @noris - I am sure I did it incorrectly as I edited the names of the files not metadata. This was only because - and it almost never ever happens - that when I burned the CD with dBpoweramp only Track 1, 2, 3 etc. showed up instead of the track names. It is tedious for sure to rename the tracks manually, but it works.

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Hi @Mark_Ellenbogen,

It sounds like the metadata wasn’t properly extracted when you ripped the CD with dBPowerAmp.

Glad to hear that manually editing the metadata sorted this issue out!

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