Track Names not showing up

I downloaded several tracks from a band’s website and imported them into iTunes. The track names came in fine and I broke them down into my own custom albums. While Roon recognizes the new album names, it’s insisting on naming the tracks just by number: Track 1, Track 2, etc.
I’ve gone into the metadata via the “unidentified” label in the main album window and told it to refer to the file for track names and then rescanned. But nothing changes.
I should note that my media library is on an external drive, but my itunes database is still on my internal drive. I suspect this might be the problem? I’m not sure if I need to change a setting in Roon. I see there’s an option to refer to the iTunes database, but I think that’s only if the database exists on the same drive. I’m probably missing something basic, but I’m confused…

Well I have found something of a fix, but it’s laborious. First I’m not sure where I found that iTunes database preference, because I can’t find it now, maybe I imagined it! Anyway, if I change the track title in iTunes and then rescan the track in Roon, it works. But do I have to change every title now in iTunes? BTW, there’s a hyphen in the titles, do you think that might have thrown Roon off?

OK, so I found an apple script for iTunes that can take some characters off the beginning or end of the title.

I took off some end characters that identified the band, which I didn’t need, and all the tracks got renamed and now Roon sees them.

My guess is that somehow these tracks didn’t have the original name in the right field, even though they showed up correctly in iTunes.

Is that possible?
Does anyone have ideas how this happened?


Hi @Adam_Bernardi,

Do you have any albums that are still experiencing this issue? If so, can you provide a screenshot of the album page in Roon?

Hi Dylan,
If the problem arises again, I’ll do that.

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