Track not available in ROON, although they are available in Tidal

Hi ROON-people,

I keep on getting messages that some tracks are not available in ROON, although they are available in Tidal. Very frustrating. In this way, Roon is not very valuable to me.

I have a life-time subscription, paid a lot of money but keep hitting the wall when I want to playback tracks from Tidal. It is only a small percentage of all the records/tracks that is giving this error message.

The tracks it has happened with today are from the album “Cinema” from Renaud Capucon (Erato).

Can you please please solve this. This is the second time I am sending you this error-message. A few weeks back it was another album that gave these errors. It is happening almost every week a few times with different albums. GET THIS SOLVED PLEASE.

Regards, Peter van der Maas.

For me, going to the Artist Renaud Capucon, then to their albums, I see this:

The first 3 are not albums, they are actually singles and show as “unavailable”, the final album is complete and does play just fine, for me.

Hi, thanks for your reply. The problem is that the playlist with the tracks DID work okay. It was the right track from the right album, and suddenly it is no longer available. For no reason what so ever.

What I’ve done is some testing. I opened a playlist with 98 tracks. In it 11 are no longer available. That more than 11%. They were yesterday, but today not any more.! The complete album has vanished.
If I use the search engine to find the track again, it does find it. I can add the track again to my playlist and it plays perfectly again.
It gives a pretty picture, the same track from the same album available in one line and unavailable in the next. Pretty annoying!

That’s the way the streaming services work they withdraw tracks due to various reasons.

As Ged has stated streaming services will drop and re-add albums due to a variety of reasons including legal and contractual arrangements. When that happens, the new album is identified by the streaming service differently. There could also be territorial licensing issues as well that play into this.

This has been discussed before; take a read of these two posts from the same thread (I would actually recommend reading the entire thread).

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Hi @Peter_van_der_Maas,

Can you share a screenshot of the album you’re experiencing this issue with? What is the region for your TIDAL account?

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